Young Electric Sign Company, owners of the sign, was established in 1920 and is a well respected company with a number of offices located in 7 western states.  To insure you of the lights authenticity YESCO will track and document the day and time of removal as well as the lights placement on the sign. Removal time is set between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. allowing flexibility with respect to their business practices. Official Las Vegas Light will pick up the lights from YESCO and transport them to our warehouse where they will be packaged with a certificate of authenticity complete with date, serial number and time of removal. The #1 light comes from the #1 slot, the #2 light from the second slot and so on. This is guaranteed!   


Incorporated in 2006 “Lights For Locals” d.b.a. “Official Las Vegas Light” is a locally owned and operated company. It is our wish to give back to the community in a unique way using the sale of original lights from the historic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign as a commemorative gift for any occasion. This is an original souvenir that is truly unique and is not mass produced solely for profit. It is our belief that these lights will become the #1 souvenir of Las Vegas!


It is our philosophy to support the needs of Las Vegas with donations benefiting  the locals and thereby creating a sense of community. Our company’s name reflects this outlook; these Lights are for Locals. We also hope to protect and preserve the history of Las Vegas. 


We believe that community benefits are needed year round. Lights for Locals donates celebrity signed lights for local charity silent auctions. We will also challenge all celebrities who perform here, to sign a light for charity.  


Russell B. Millar - President  

I was born and raised in Las Vegas as was my father before me. My grandfather was drawn to the area for employment on the construction of Hoover Dam during the great depression. My family has supported and worked in the hospitality industry for over a half a century and I am very grateful for all that Las Vegas has offered in the way of economic stability and growth of the city.

However; because of Las Vegas’ rapid growth, many historic sites have been raised to make way for the new mega resorts. Most of the properties that made Las Vegas famous are now gone forever. The “WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VEGAS NEVADA” sign is one of the last reminders of a bygone era that we will fight to protect. It has become the logo of the city and is iconic in its image.

Community support is very important to me. I wish to help as many organizations as possible. I want to give back to the community by supporting not one but several key outlets that I feel will directly help the children and safety of our city. I am proud to be from Las Vegas and will do everything in my power to promote the city, its events and the people in need who now call Las Vegas home.

Michael Shizuru - Director of Company Operations

Michael was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and has lived in Las Vegas for twenty one years. Michael's involvement in the Las Vegas tourism industry spans fourteen years including the opening of  two major hotels on the Las Vegas strip. His reputation is second to none and will insure quality as he will oversee the daily operations and is involved in all company matters. Michael's "attention to detail" is his strongest attribute and your assurance of quality control.

Caroline Tsuda - Director of Company Relations

Caroline Tsuda is our company’s sales and customer relations representative. She has lived and worked in Las Vegas for the past twelve years raising her two children. It is Caroline’s desire to make Las Vegas a better place for her children to grow up in.  She has been very active and recognized by the community for volunteering as a den leader for the cub scouts as well as various school activities.  Education is very important in her personal development. Ms. Tsuda received her Associates Degree in Nursing where she has worked in several of the medical fields including the critical care unit. Ms. Tsuda deals with people using a calm and disarming approach. She is both compassionate and understanding to those in need. Caroline is in charge of our company’s support of local organizations within the Las Vegas valley. It is her unyielding devotion to the improvement of our city that makes her an invaluable asset to our business.  


Russell Millar - President    702-275-2750

Michael Shizuru - Director of Company Operations

Caroline Tsuda -  Director of Company Relations



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